Grateful Patient Paul

Grateful Patient Paul

1. How did your patient journey begin?

I was at an early morning workout when I suffered sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of a sprint. Two of my buddies called 911 and performed CPR until the paramedics came. After being revived I was put into an induced coma and woke up in the ICU 48 hours later.


2. How did your journey change you?

I have become hugely aware of the impact an individual can have.


3. Is there a specific medicine/treatment/medical device/pharmaceutical company you are grateful for?

I am grateful for my Medtronic implanted cardiac defibrillator and heart valve as well as epinephrine, the medicine used to revive me the morning I flatlined.


4. Who are you most grateful for and why?

I am grateful for the guys who performed CPR on me the moment I collapsed, Billy Griggs and Erik Kopco. Without them I would have massive brain damage. I am also grateful for the First Responders and the cardiology team at Sanger Heart and Vascular Clinic including Dr. Rohit Mehta, Dr. Bill Bock and Dr. Larry Watts.

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