Thank you for celebrating National Grateful Patient Day with us on September 7.  We so enjoyed hearing stories from patients all over the world who expressed their gratitude to the people who saved their lives.


I began the day with an incredible seven year old named Bryn who led me in the pledge of allegiance. Watch here.  She then helped me navigate a couple of media events:

After my morning with sweet Bryn I spent the rest of the day meeting some amazing patients with the JOY team at University of California San Diego Health.  It is always inspiring for me to hear their stories – they are my heroes!  Another highlight of the day was partnering with Rady Children’s Hospital and it was so cool to see our banner on their bridge.


We’ve got some great momentum started and would love to keep it going all year long.  Please share YOUR story and sign up to join our GPP family today!


We can be a powerful force for spreading gratitude and hope into many, many lives in the future.

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