Grateful Patient Annie

Grateful Patient Annie

1. How did your patient journey begin?

I was on a typical Saturday run with my friend when my shoulders began hurting only a mile in. I asked to walk but the feeling grew so uncomfortable I had to sit down. My friend wanted to call an ambulance, but I said no. Through a miracle a police officer happened to be driving down the street and found us. We went to the hospital and, despite my protests that I could walk the feeling off, we discovered I was having a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, a heart attack.

2. How did your journey change you?

Every part of my life has changed. My physical activity has changed, but more importantly my attitude has. I have more gratitude and less worry, not allowing stress to stay with me. I also see God’s presence with more clarity.

3. Is there a specific medicine/treatment/medical device/pharmaceutical company you are grateful for?

I am grateful for the wisdom of the doctor who realized I was having a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. I am also grateful that he decided to give my body an opportunity to heal itself rather than immediately doing a coronary bypass surgery.

4. Who are you most grateful for and why?

I am most grateful for Dr. James Gray, the doctor who realized I had an atypical blockage, and for Dr. Curtiss Stinis, the doctor who confirmed my diagnosis. I am grateful to my girlfriend who insisted I be seen. Had she not, I would have gone home to sleep and probably would have died. And I am also grateful to my husband, family and friends for their ongoing support during my slow recovery.

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