Grateful Patient Day

Grateful Patient Day 2020

Each year, Grateful Patient Day spotlights stories of gratitude for doctors, nurses, researchers, medicines and procedures that help patients.

On September 7, patients can use #GratefulPatient to say thank you on social media or submit stories here for a chance to be featured by the Grateful Patient Project.

Want to get involved? Here’s what you can do:

Use #GratefulPatient to Share the Gratitude


Before Grateful Patient Day
  •  Grateful Patient Day is coming up soon on September 7! Are you a grateful patient? Join the conversation on September 7 and share your story using #GratefulPatient!
  • Are you a #GratefulPatient? Use this sentence on September 7 to tell your own story: “I am a grateful to ________ for ________. #GratefulPatient”
  • Grateful Patient Day will be here soon! Do you have a grateful patient story? Submit it here:
  • Have you or someone you know recovered from COVID-19? We want to hear your #GratefulPatient story:
On Grateful Patient Day
  • Today is #GratefulPatient Day! Share your story of gratitude and join the conversation today!
  • This #GratefulPatient Day, reply and fill in these blanks: “I am a grateful to ________ for ________.”
  • Take time today to thank the doctors, nurses, researchers, medicines, treatments, and procedures that made a difference in your life. #GratefulPatient


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