About Us

Grateful patients share the same heart—and it doesn’t take long for them to find one another.  As it turns out, the rhythm of gratitude is easy to hear.  So when grateful patient and ex-NFL kicker, Rolf Benirschke, teamed up with grateful patient, HundredX founder Rob Pace, and put their hearts and their heads together, the Grateful Patient Project was born.


After surviving life-threatening illnesses, both Rolf and Rob emerged as different men with a single purpose—to encourage others.  Rolf’s heart for patients led him to co-found Legacy Health Strategies, a patient engagement company, and Rob’s work at Goldman Sachs coupled with his tenure at the Salvation Army led him to create HundredX, a company focused on using technology to “listen” and encourage millions of people, both customers and employees.


The mission of The Grateful Patient Project is three fold:


  • Create a community of passionate patients, who want to express their gratitude to their families and caregivers along with the medical professionals/researchers who cared for them, often in the face of life-threatening medical challenges.
  • Harness the collective voice of thousands of grateful patients to ensure favorable patient outcomes stay at the forefront of legislative efforts.
  • Share patient-to-patient stories that will provide hope and encouragement.


We believe that every patient story is unique and valuable and precious.  It is our dream to transform these inspiring stories into action that will change the face of medical care and bolster the spirits of everyone who is dedicated to helping a grateful patient.